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BSO Case Number: BS01-12-08391
PIO Number: 01-12-35
Date: December 19, 2001
Place of Occurrence: 4111 SW 25th Street, #74, Ft. Lauderdale


  • Male Chihuahua, approximately 2-years old


  • Jose Noel Rugama, 54, 2/14/47, 4111 SW 25th St., #74, Ft. Lauderdale

Description of Incident:

A Broward man is charged with felony cruelty to animals after using a razor to perform a crude operation on one of his dogs.

Broward Sheriff's Office detectives arrested 54-year old Jose Rugama at his home on Thursday after a witness told investigators that the suspect had removed a testicle from one of his two Chihuahuas on Wednesday, December 19, 2001.

As the dog squirmed and cried out in pain, Rugama cut into the pup’s groin area with a
one-sided razor. The suspect told detectives that he had removed a “tumor” from the animal.

The pooch is recovering at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital, 1730 N. University Drive in Coral Springs.

BSO detectives removed several other animals from Rugama’s home for the well being of the pets. Taken from the suspect’s home were the injured Chihuahua, another Chihuahua, a Rottweiler, two Ball Pythons, several fish and birds.

Also removed from the suspects home for safekeeping, was a cache of weapons, including a Ranger .22 caliber rifle, a Remington .308 caliber rifle, a 1942 Enfield .303 rifle, a Beretta 7.65 caliber pistol, and a Taurus .357 revolver.

Rugama is being held without bond on a 1993 DUI and DUI manslaughter warrant out of Palm Beach County. On those charges, Rugama had used the alias of Milton Ponce.

THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf/PIO 12/21/01 11:00 am

Posted At: 12/21/2001 11:16 AM


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