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Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested three juveniles who burglarized a Deerfield Beach private school and caused serious damage.

The adolescents broke into the St. Ambrose Catholic School at 363 SE 12 Ave., Deerfield Beach. Video surveillance shows the suspects walking around on the school grounds from June 21 – 23, 2013, but they were successful in gaining entry on June 23.  The teenagers discharged several fire extinguishers throughout the classrooms and on the property. The group vandalized vending machines and threw paint on the furniture, computers and walls. During their stay they broke several cabinets and took the time to make themselves a meal, leaving their DNA on used utensils for detectives to gather as evidence.  The juveniles were identified by an astute BSO school resource deputy (Dep. Williams) who recognized them through the surveillance video.

Suspect: Nicholas Knisely W/M 14 yoa – 1320 SE 3 St. #8, Deerfield Beach
Suspect: Santos Alvarado W/M 15 yoa – 1880 SE 48 St. #152, Pompano Beach
Suspect: Elvino Loriston B/M 14 yoa – 160 SE 10 St. #E, Deerfield Beach

All three juveniles were charged with:
Burglary structure (school)
Felony Criminal Mischief (over $1,000)
Grand theft of fire extinguisher
Molest coin operated machine/larceny  

 ***MEDIA NOTE: Clear video, including still images of the damage inside the classrooms and the June 23 break-in, is available for download from our website

BSO Case Number: DR 13-06-03792

Det. Jennifer Seals, D10 CID

Gina Carter/PIO   7/1/13

Posted At: 07/01/2013 09:50 AM


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