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BSO’s online auction could be a good source for holiday gifts

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? How about a Rolex watch for $200? A speedboat for only $6,000? What about parking meters or gas masks? If these ideas sound good, check, the online auction site used by the Broward Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies across America to dispose of found, confiscated and other property that, by law, is no longer required to be stored. Earlier this year, BSO began using to auction items from its Evidence Unit. Traditionally, periodic Sheriff’s Sales were held to sell this property, but with the advent of computer technology and the Internet, online auctions have proven to be more efficient and cost effective. Approximately 3,000 unclaimed or abandoned objects of every sort have been sent from BSO to’s facility in California where they are inspected, cleaned, repaired if necessary, appraised, and put online for auction. uses secure server technology to help protect confidential information (including credit card numbers) and has recently added a holiday gift area. To date, BSO has raised more than $25,000 for Broward County coffers through the auction site. As part of's service, a registration database called helps users recover stolen property by matching serial numbers on stolen property with those in's database. By cross-referencing the numbers, determines if an item was reported stolen and returns it to BSO or to the appropriate police agency.

Private citizens are invited to register on any items with serial numbers they have lost or reported stolen to their local police department. Visit, for more information on this service.


Posted At: 12/16/2002 12:00 AM

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