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Date: July 16, 2014                                                               PIO Number: 14-7-14

During the week of July 13-19, 2014, people across the United States will join together to recognize the work that pretrial, probation and community supervision professionals do for our public safety. By engaging in proactive, problem-solving work practices aimed at changing criminal and/or delinquent behavior, community supervision professionals have the opportunity to change lives and help build better futures for individuals under supervision.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Community Programs (DOCP) operates a variety of in-custody and community-based offender programs. The department’s mission is to reduce crime and create safer communities through alternatives to incarceration by providing a comprehensive continuum of supervision and service.
Divided into six divisions, BSO’s DOCP oversees an active caseload of approximately 9,000 offenders daily with more than 7,500 individuals supervised by the department’s supervision programs – Pretrial Services, Misdemeanor Probation and Day Reporting and Reentry.

Community supervision monitoring includes many forms. From electronic monitoring, office or field contacts and drug testing to making sure offenders attend counseling sessions and helping them find suitable housing and employment, the department’s unique client-focused supervision practices aim to deliver services and programs that provide opportunities for offenders to become law-abiding citizens.

“I commend the hard-working men and women of BSO’s Department of Community Programs for their commitment to providing offenders with the best opportunity for successful reentry into the community,” Sheriff Scott Israel said. “The work they do helps make Broward County a safer place.”

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Dani Moschella/PIO
7/16/14 1600

Posted At: 07/16/2014 03:51 PM

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