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BSO Case Number: LL02-01-1607
PIO Number: 02-1-29
Date: January 18, 2002
Time: 1725
Place of Occurrence: 3910 NW 32 Terrace, Lauderdale Lakes


  • Johnny Palmer, 1, 5/3/00, male, 3910 NW 32 Terr., Lauderdale Lakes


Description of Incident:

A 20-month-old child is hospitalized on life support systems after nearly drowning Friday afternoon in his family’s swimming pool.

A 5:25 p.m. BSO District 4 deputies were dispatched to a 911 call at 3910 NW 32 Terrace in Lauderdale Lakes where a toddler had been pulled from the backyard pool. Johnny Palmer was at home with his mother, father and 15-year-old brother when the mishap occurred. The boy apparently walked out an open sliding glass door and entered the pool. Family members found him in the water after they realized he was missing. His father pulled Johhny from the pool. According to the family, he had gone unnoticed no more than 15 minutes.

Paramedics treated Johhny and transported him to Plantation General Hospital where he was admitted and placed on life support.

THIS REPORT BY: Sgt. E. Wright, Dist. 4 Jim Leljedal / PIO 1/19/02 2015

Posted At: 01/18/2002 09:42 PM

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