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BSO Case Number: LS07-11-00241
PIO Number: 07-11-20
Date: June 13, 2007 – Oct. 23, 2007
Place of Occurrence: Broward County


  • Seven Broward County residents


  • Robert Charles Jones Brady, 26, 6/3/81, 3111 NE 51 Street, Fort Lauderdale

Description of Incident:

A clean-cut conman who rubbed elbows with rich and powerful people has been arrested for defrauding several of them while posing as an Ivy League educated attorney at law.

Robert Brady, 26, passed himself off as a Harvard Law School graduate, licensed to practice law in Florida and swindled over $50,000 from clients that included respected lawyers, corporate executives and a renowned physician. Brady never even graduated from college and is not an attorney but he posed as one to collect retainer fees and other payments. Brady befriended prominent people and exploited the relationships to make other well-heeled contacts. Last month (10/23/07), Brady attended a Republican fundraiser for Presidential candidate Fred Thompson, introducing himself to the aspiring chief executive as a practicing attorney.

Brady convinced a local mortgage broker to obtain a black American Express card for “Charles J. Brady, Esq.” and was charged a total of $18,450 in goods and services for the young swindler.

Brady was charged with six counts of unlicensed practice of law and organized fraud and was booked at BSO’s main jail, held on bonds totaling $650,000.

Brady has been arrested previously on charges including driving on a suspended license, grand theft and uttering a forged instrument.

THIS REPORT BY: Det. J. Calabro, Economic Crimes Jim Leljedal / PIO 11/19/07 1630

Posted At: 11/19/2007 04:50 PM


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