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Updated: 7/11/01 2:47:06 PM
BSO Case Number: BS01-07-4647
PIO Number: 01-7-22
Date: JULY 9TH, 2001
Time: 4:10PM
Place of Occurrence: Amoco Gas Station, Halandale Beach Blvd. & State Road 7, Unincorporated Broward


  • State of Florida


  • Keithnen Arnez Knight, 10-16-72, 4100 SW 18th Street, Hollywood

Description of Incident:

A wanted killer, who was featured on the America’s Most Wanted television show, has been arrested by Broward Sheriff’s Deputies checking out a possible stolen car.

Deputies responded to the area surrounding the Amoco gas station, located at the intersection of Hallandale Beach Blvd. and State Road 7, after an unknown man ran from deputies following up on a stolen car report. The suspect had apparently punched a man who told investigators he was trying to retrieve the car, that the suspect had apparently never paid him for. An acquaintance of the suspect, Lisette Carrucini, had been driving around with the suspect and remained at the scene. She told deputies that she befriended the bad guy, who she only knew as Keith. She said that she believed he was wanted for a serious crime in Georgia, possibly murder, and he had been featured on America’s Most Wanted.

A search of the Atlanta Police Department’s website turned up a photo of Knight and a brief description of the April 9th, 2001 murder for which he was wanted. Deputies searched the area and found “Keith”, identified as Keithnen Arnez Knight, walking around some nearby mobile homes. He was carefully approached by a deputy and immediately ran deeper into trailer park. Witnesses saw him dive underneath a trailer and told deputies of his location. The unit was surrounded and he surrendered.

BSO detectives showed him a printout of the Atlanta PD Most Wanted posting and he immediately told them that he was, “tired of running.” Atlanta Police asked BSO investigators to interview Knight and under questioning he confessed to the murder. (Atlanta PD case number 01-099-0008). Knight was transported to the Broward County Jail charged with obstructing justice without violence and battery. He is currently being held without bond on the outstanding murder warrant from Atlanta PD.

Media Note: A BSO Mugshot of Knight is available on the BSO website at The Atlanta PD most wanted posting can be found at

INVESTIGATORS: Sgt. G. Jarboe - BSO District 1 (PIO: Kirk Englehardt)

Posted At: 07/11/2001 12:00 AM


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