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Broward Sheriff's Office deputies are cracking down on drunk drivers this Thanksgiving holiday season.

From now to December 1st, the Broward Sheriff's Office DUI Task Force and road patrol deputies will be on the lookout for drunk or impaired motorists and those driving in an unsafe manner.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows that nearly half of the 585 national traffic fatalities over last year’s Thanksgiving holiday season were alcohol related.

Beyond drunk drivers, through December 1st, BSO is joining forces with law enforcement agencies across Florida and the United States to firmly enforce safety belt and child safety seat laws.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, 3,013 people died in traffic crashes on the state’s roads in 2001 and more than 60% of those killed were not buckled-up. Perhaps more troubling is that traffic crashes are the number one killer of young children. Proper use of safety belts and child safety seats are the most effective way to help prevent death and injury in a crash.

The Broward Sheriff's Office reminds everyone to buckle-up and don’t drink and drive. If you are pulled over this Thanksgiving holiday season and are not buckled-up-or your child passenger is not properly restrained- you won’t get a warning, you will get a ticket. And, if you’re caught driving under the influence, you’re going to go to jail.

For more information on traffic safety, contact the Broward Sheriff’s Office Media Relations unit at (954) 831-8300.

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Hugh Graf / Media Relations

Posted At: 11/27/2002 04:46 PM

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