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BSO and Crime Stoppers launch public appeal for terrorism-related information

,Report suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers by calling (954) 493-TIPS,Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne and Crime Stoppers officials have launched a billboard campaign in Broward County urging the public to use Crime Stoppers tip lines to report suspicious activity that could be terrorism-related.,“In the days that followed September 11th, we quickly realized the war against terrorism would not be won in weeks or even months,” Sheriff Jenne said. “We are in this fight for the long haul and we are counting on the public to help us win.”,For many years, Crime Stoppers tip lines have been used successfully throughout Florida as a vehicle for citizens to anonymously report information regarding crimes. This is the first time Crime Stoppers has encouraged citizens to use the phone lines to report suspected terror-related activity. Callers are eligible for a reward if the information they provide leads to an arrest.,Sheriff Jenne serves as chair of the Southeast Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force. “The task force has learned in the past year that if we want to prevent future attacks, law enforcement and the public must work together to protect our communities,” Sheriff Jenne said.,Billboards will be posted throughout Broward County and will advertise the Broward Crime Stoppers phone number: (954) 493-TIPS. Similar billboards are being considered in other areas of the state.

Posted At: 09/09/2002 12:00 AM

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