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BSO to enforce seat belt laws during Thanksgiving holiday

Beginning Saturday, November 23 and continuing through Sunday, December 1, BSO will join with law enforcement agencies across Florida and the United States to firmly enforce automobile seat belt and child safety seat laws. If you are pulled over this Thanksgiving holiday season and are not buckled up or your child passenger is not properly restrained, you won’t get a warning, you’ll get a ticket.,Designed to reduce holiday traffic fatalities by getting motorists to buckle up, this is the fourth enforcement campaign in Florida this year, all of which were scheduled during peak holiday travel times.,The American Automobile Association estimates that 8.8 million persons in the southeast United States will travel by car during the holiday season. Unfortunately, many of those motorists won’t use their seat belts and will fail to secure their children in a safety seat.,According to the Florida Department of Transportation, 3,013 people died in traffic crashes on the state’s roads in 2001 and more than 60% of those killed were not buckled-up. Perhaps more troubling is that traffic crashes are the number one killer of young children. Proper use of safety belts and child safety seats are the most effective way to help prevent death and injury in a crash.,Florida law requires that children ages 3 and under must ride in a child restraint device, children ages 4 to 5 must be in a child restraint device or use a safety belt and children ages 6 to 17 must use a safety belt when riding in the front or back seat of a vehicle. Adults 18 years of age and older must use a safety belt when driving or riding in the front seat of a car.

Posted At: 11/21/2002 12:00 AM

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