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BSO Case Number: DR08-06-4501
PIO Number: 12-6-30 (08-6-36)
Date: June 26, 2008
Time: 9:48 p.m.
Place of Occurrence: 4700 NE 2 Ter., Deerfield Beach
Jurisdiction: Deerfield Beach


  • Salayah Buie, 3, female, Pompano Beach (Now 7-years-old)


  • Scharonis Wright, 22, male, 6/4/90, 18201 SW 12 St., Miami (In Custody)

  • Walton Wright, 25, male, 8/20/86, 508 SW 15 St., Pompano Beach (In Custody)

Description of Incident:

A man awaiting deportation hoped to remain in the U.S. by revealing he had been a witness to a shooting. His plan went awry, however, when he spoke to Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives investigating that crime and confessed to being a participant when confronted with the details.

Scharonis Wright, 22, who was in the U.S. illegally, was about to get sent back to Haiti after serving a four-year prison sentence for armed robbery and aggravated assault. Upon stating he had information about a Deerfield Beach shooting that took place in 2008, BSO detectives went to interview him at the Krome Detention Center on June 11. What began as a tale about how he witnessed the reckless shooting into a home where a 3-year-old was shot, ended up with him as the possible shooter.

Scharonis confessed that the shooting stemmed from retaliation for a drug deal gone bad. Scharonis, his brother Walton Wright, 25, and a third suspect, borrowed a gun from a friend and went to the Deerfield Beach home where the drug dealer lived.

The date was June 26, 2008. At around 9:40 p.m. that evening Selena Conner was inside that home with her daughter Salayah Buie. They were visiting Selena’s sister when shots were fired into the home. Salayah, who was 3 years old at the time, was shot in the leg. Salayah was rushed to the hospital, but luckily, survived her wounds. Today, she is a healthy 7-year-old.

Scharonis said they knew the home was occupied. They had watched the property waiting for their target, but when he didn’t show up, they fired several shots into the home anyway.

BSO detectives transported Scharonis to the BSO Main Jail facing a charge of attempted murder. They located his brother Walton and interviewed him about the incident and his brother’s allegations. Walton confessed to his participation and was arrested facing the same charge.
The investigation continues.

INVESTIGATORS: Det. Brown, RID Violent Crimes Unit; Deerfield Beach
THIS REPORT BY: Keyla Concepción/PIO 6/26/12 1320

Posted At: 06/26/2012 01:19 PM


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