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Zero tolerance is the rule as the Broward Sheriff's Office embarks on its latest crackdown on drunk or impaired drivers.

Beginning at a minute past midnight on Friday, December 20, 2002 and running through Sunday, January 5, 2003, BSO road patrol, motor unit, and DUI Task Force deputies will be out in force to help keep the county’s roadways safer.

Around the clock and throughout Broward County, deputies will be on the lookout for motorists showing signs of drunk, impaired, or unsafe driving. Those who are caught will go to jail. No excuses. No warnings. Zero Tolerance.

According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA), the alcohol-related fatality rate, (a measurement of the number of people killed in alcohol-related crashes per 100-million vehicle miles traveled), dropped 54% in Florida from 1982 to 2001.

While on the surface that may sound encouraging, it’s still not enough. In 2001, 1,264 people died on Florida’s roads because of drinking and driving. Perhaps more disturbing, is that Broward is one of six counties in the state with the highest number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities. Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties are also in that group.

The bottom line: If you drink, don’t drive. Call a friend, call a family member, or call a cab. Otherwise, the ride you get might be in an ambulance or the back of a BSO cruiser.

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Hugh Graf / Media Relations

Posted At: 12/19/2002 12:00 AM

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