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BSO Case Number: PB03-01-5237
PIO Number: 03-1-17
Date: January 13,2003
Time: 0800 (abduction) January 14, 2003 1250 (recovery)
Place of Occurrence: 2300 block of NW 4th Street, Pompano Beach Place of Recovery: Chateau II Motel, 3518 W. Vine St., Kissimmee, FL


  • 14 year old W/H/F


  • Juvencio M. Maldonado, male, 20, 2/14/82, 4166 Corsair Ave., Kissimmee, FL

Description of Incident:

A 14-year-old Pompano Beach teen who was abducted yesterday, was found with her abductor at 12:30 this morning in a Kissimmee motel. Dulce is currently being medically evaluated in the Orlando area, and interviewed by detectives. The suspect, Juvencio Maldonado, 20, was taken into custody without incident by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Kissimmee Police Department, and the Osceola Sheriff’s Office. Dulce had only known Maldonado briefly—they had been introduced by an acquaintance.

At about 8am yesterday morning, the victim was waiting for the bus to take her to Margate Middle School when the suspect approached in his burgundy Ford Ranger. At 10:30, an anonymous person called the teen's mother to tell her her daughter had been grabbed and pulled into a red pick up truck. Understandably concerned, the victim's mother drove to school, and learned that her daughter had failed to show up. The Broward Sheriff's Office was notified, and deputies began canvassing the area looking for the teen and the truck. When the victim's six-year-old sister came home from school around 3:30pm, she told her mother and detectives she had actually seen her sister being forced into the truck. Coincidentally, the six year old was being driven to school by a family friend and rode past the bus stop at the time the incident occurred.

Broward Sheriff’s detectives requested FDLE activate the AMBER alert system to initiate a statewide “be on the look out” for the Ford Ranger. Throughout the evening, BSO investigative techniques and other information from Maldonado’s relatives led investigators to Kissimmee. BSO detectives called small motels in an area where Maldonado has been known to stay, and a clerk at the Chateau II Motel remembered renting a room to a man and young girl fitting the descriptions. FDLE agents who were in the neighborhood apprehended the suspect and recovered the teen.

Maldonado is currently being held in Osceola County on kidnapping charges. The investigation is ongoing, and additional charges may be pending in Osceola County.

INVESTIGATORS: Dist. 11-Pompano Bch, Criminal Invest., FDLE, Kissimmee PD, and Osceola SO
THIS REPORT BY: Cheryl Stopnick, Media Relations

Posted At: 01/14/2003 12:00 AM

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