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BSO Case Number: PB02-03-6119
PIO Number: 02-3-22
Date: March 15, 2002
Place of Occurrence: 2071 NE 2nd Avenue, Pompano Beach


  • John E Ciol, 67, 9/9/34, 2071 NE 2nd Avenue, Pompano Beach
  • John A. Ciol, 32, 12/24/69, 2071 NE 2nd Avenue, Pompano Beach

Description of Incident:

A Pompano Beach father and son are starting to get the help they need after a concerned neighbor called the Broward Sheriff's Office this morning to have a deputy check on the welfare of the men.

The call came into BSO shortly before 11:00 am on Friday, March 15, 2002. When the deputy arrived at the home at 2071 NE 2nd Avenue, he found the father, a weakened
67-year old John E. Ciol lying in bed among piles of old newspapers, dirty clothing, empty food containers and assorted refuse. Living in the home with the elder man was his son, 32-year old John A. Ciol. The deputy called for paramedics who transported the elder Mr. Ciol to North Broward Medical Center.

Throughout the single-story home, old newspapers, food wrappers, cardboard boxes, and miscellaneous trash littered the floor. In some areas of the abode, trash was piled as high as three feet. For months, a neglected roof allowed rain to soak into the various areas of the building, causing portions of the ceiling to fall into the home. A city building inspector said the home would be declared an unsafe environment.

BSO detectives say they found ample food in the home and there appeared to be running water and electricity. They interviewed the father from his hospital bed and reported there were no indications of intentional neglect or abuse on the part of the younger Mr. Ciol. According to detectives, the father said his son would get him anything he wanted or needed. It appears the son also urged his father to see a doctor, but the father resisted.

The Broward Sheriff's Office is coordinating with other agencies from Pompano Beach and the county to get the Ciols assistance.

It does not appear at this point that any criminal charges will be filed by BSO.

INVESTIGATORS: Det. S. Cavalieri Dep. J. Guevara
THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf / PIO 3/15/02 4:00 pm

Posted At: 03/15/2002 05:26 PM

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