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BSO Case Number: PB01-11-05663
PIO Number: 01-11-22
Date: November 13, 2001
Place of Occurrence: 1000 Block of W. Copans Rd, (I-95 & Copans Rd), Pompano Beach


  • Lucia Adamonis, 47, 7/13/54, of Boynton Beach, FL


  • N/A

Description of Incident:

Lucia Adamonis, a 47-year old Boynton Beach woman, was killed on impact at about 6:00 pm, November 13, 2001, when the delivery truck she was driving was struck by a northbound Amtrak train in Pompano Beach.

Ms. Adamonis, a nearly 10-year employee of clothier Fabiano Ltd. of Pompano Beach, was driving one of the company’s trucks when it became stuck on the railroad tracks in the westbound lanes of the 1000 block of W. Copans Road. As the train approached at a speed of 79 miles an hour, witnesses report that other drivers tried to move their vehicles to allow Ms. Adamonis to move her truck out of the train’s path, but she was unable to do so.

Amtrak train number 90, “The Silver Palm”, slammed into the delivery truck, ejecting the victim from the vehicle. Amtrak officials say the train was traveling at the speed it should have been and that the engineer did everything possible to try to avoid hitting the truck.

Broward Sheriff's Office investigators and witnesses to the accident report that the crossing gates appeared to be working properly at the time of the accident.

The train had left Miami at 5:00pm, bound for New York via Tampa. At the time of the wreck, there were 27 passengers and 9 crewmembers aboard the train. The engineer of the train sustained minor injuries and was transported to North Broward Medical Center. His name has not been released. None of the passengers reported any injuries.

Ms. Adamonis leaves behind two grown children in Providence, Rhode Island.

INVESTIGATORS: Deputies A. Atkins/C. Justice/M Powell
THIS REPORT BY: Hugh Graf/PIO 11/14/01 2:00pm

Posted At: 11/14/2001 02:17 PM

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