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BSO Introduces Online Auction

The Broward Sheriff's Office's has selected an Internet auction site to dispose of goods that are no longer required to be held in the agency's Evidence Unit. More than 350 items from the unit's inventory including jewelry, computer equipment and audio and video equipment are available for bids at The first items from BSO's inventory were featured online just after Memorial Day.,BSO's Evidence Unit receives, catalogs and stores evidentiary, abandoned, forfeited and lost property in accordance with state and local law which also specifies when such property can be disposed of or discarded. The Evidence Unit presently stores more than 350,000 items in its Ft. Lauderdale warehouse.,Traditionally, BSO periodically held "Sheriff's Sales" where such property was auctioned to the general public.,"Using online technology to dispose of this property saves money for Broward County taxpayers," said Yolanda Velazquez, Evidence Supervisor. "Property from BSO and other police agencies is online 24 hours a day, so it's easy for citizens to participate in these auctions.",As part of's service, a registration database called helps users recover stolen property by matching serial numbers on stolen property with those in's database. By cross-referencing the numbers, determines if an item was reported stolen and returns it to BSO or to the appropriate police agency. Private citizens are invited to register on any items with serial numbers they have lost or reported stolen to their local police department. Visit for more information on this service.,Most property offered for sale at comes directly from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Police and sheriffs departments acquire these goods in the normal course of business primarily by seizure, legal forfeiture or as evidence in a criminal case.,Click here to visit
Click here to visit

Posted At: 06/04/2002 12:00 AM

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