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BSO Case Number: DR02-07-4975
PIO Number: 02-8-4
Date: July 25, 2002 / Aug. 2, 2002
Time: 0730
Place of Occurrence: 1101 SE 2 Avenue, Deerfield Beach


  • Yvonne Moss, 92, 9/27/09, 1101 SE 2 Ave., Deerfield Beach (DECEASED)


  • Kevin Moore, 23, 6/13/79, 1433 SE 2 Terr., Deerfield Beach

Description of Incident:

Ninety-two year old Yvonne Moss was found brutally murdered inside of her home at 1101 SE 2nd Avenue, Deerfield Beach, by her son, David Moss, at 7:30 am on July 25, 2002.

BSO Homicide detectives observed the victim with a slashed throat and a pillow placed on top of her head. She was partially unclothed and the position of her body suggested that she had been sexually assaulted.

Detectives conducted a large-scale neighborhood canvass and learned of a local handy man that would solicit business by going door to door. Detectives also learned of an incident in which a man suspiciously discarded clothing after washing himself at a local Mobil service station, located near the victim’s residence, on the morning of the murder. Detectives identified the handy man as Kevin Moore. Moore was also identified by the Mobil station attendants as the same man who discarded his clothing. Examination of this discarded clothing revealed the presence of animal hairs similar in color to the victim’s pet cat.

On August 2nd, 2002, the BSO Latent Examination Unit positively identified Kevin Moore from a latent print found on a roll of tape located near the victim’s bed. Additionally, during the crime scene examination, Crime Scene detectives recovered numerous human male hairs from between the victim’s legs.

A warrant for Murder in the First Degree was obtained on August 2, 2002. Moore was subsequently located at a relative’s house and arrested.

In a statement given to detectives, Moore said the victim owed him thirty $30 for past lawn work. He said he entered her residence during the early morning hours of July 25th through an unlocked front door. He then proceeded into the victim’s bedroom and commenced sexually assaulting her. As the victim began to resist, he cut her throat with a fishing knife he carried and then placed a pillow over her head. After the killing, he went into her bathroom to wash the blood from his hands. According to Moore, he was going to use the tape to gag her, but did not. He then exited the residence and went to the Mobil gas station to discard his clothing.

Kevin Moore has a criminal history of Delivery of cocaine, Obstruction without violence, Loitering, and Petit Theft. He is now being held without bond in BSO’s main jail.

THIS REPORT BY: Dets. J. Berrena & D. Nicholson, Sgt. R. O’Neil Jim Leljedal / PIO Sgt. L. Williams, Dist. 10 8/3/02 1400

Posted At: 08/03/2002 12:00 AM


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