Citizen Feedback

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We receive many compliments from residents and visitors about the service they receive from BSO deputies, firefighters, paramedics and staff.

Here are a few recent comments:

“I had inadvertently left my wallet on the hood of my car and had driven off with it. I realized I had lost it and called the police to report it. Every single piece of identification and every credit card I owned was within the wallet, including a checkbook and some cash, health insurance card, etc. Deputy Bonilla arrived at my home promptly and took the time and patience to help me look for the wallet extensively. When it was clear it was not in the vicinity, I gave up. I was very upset because there were about (many) credit card companies that would have to be called…Deputy Bonilla called me about 15 minutes after leaving … He had found my wallet in the middle of University Drive! He had taken the time to re-trace my steps. Although the wallet had been run over, practically all the credit cards were still intact. Deputy Bonilla then accompanied me to the site he had found the wallet and in the pouring rain, assisted me in finding dollar bills, coins and family photos. “I believe Deputy Bonilla went above and beyond to help someone who was in distress. His calm demeanor, patience and perseverance in aiding a Parkland resident deserve high praise… Despite pouring rain and a busy schedule, this deputy was there for me. I hope you commend him for a job well done.“

-- IM , Parkland

“During a big storm, lightning struck just outside my house; previous owners of my home had a burglar alarm system but I have never used it. “When the lightning hit, two sirens, one in the master bedroom and one in the attic...went off with an incredibly loud noise and kept blaring. “It was so loud that my wife and son called Parkland BSO to let them know that we were trying to get this stopped in case our neighbors called and complained. (Deputy) Kelly Stull was dispatched and arrived at my home...he assisted me in trying to locate the right wire to pull and eventually pulled down my attic staircase in the garage and climbed up into the attic where he eventually found the right wire, finally stopping the siren. “During the time he was there, both he and I were in and out of the garage and he got soaked like I did but he stayed there until the problem was fixed. “I know that this was not a crime or maybe even a big deal, but to me and my family it was. We really appreciated Kelly's attention and help and we wanted to make sure that his helpfullness and courtesy would not go unrecognized.“

-- MP , Parkland

“Recently I was flying from the Ft. Lauderdale airport, in a hurry to catch my flight. In my haste I had forgotten some of my personal belongings at another terminal. I talked to BSO Deputy Korman who was very quick to contact his fellow deputies in the other terminal who mobilized quickly. In a matter of about 2 minutes, I had my belongings back without missing my flight or having them stolen. “I would just like to thank him and the other men that were able to do this very quickly and painlessly. This is obviously not a life and death situation, but it demonstrated a true concern that is quite exemplary and shouldn't go unnoticed.“

-- NK , visitor from New Hampshire

“I’m a 26-year old female and was followed home around 12:30 a.m. by a man in a truck. I was very shaken up when I spotted Deputy Sean Andrews in my development. I approached the deputy and explained to him what happened. He reported the incident, calmed me down, and made sure I got in my front door safely. “He also gave me tips on how to keep safe and how to try and prevent the incident from happening in the future. He gave me some ideas of things I can do if the situation were to happen again. Looking back at the situation, I probably overreacted but it's nice to know there are such caring sheriff’s deputies patrolling my neighborhood.“

-- JG , Tamarac

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