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We receive many compliments from residents and visitors about the service they receive from BSO deputies, firefighters, paramedics and staff.

Here are a few recent comments:

I contacted the sheriff's department regarding identity theft...and a Nextel phone being ordered and shipped to an address in Deerfield Beach. I live in Washington State and didn't expect much action to be taken because I am not a local citizen. Detective Colon was assigned to my case and called me back regarding my identity theft case. He was extremely sincere and empathetic, which took me off-guard. He investigated the case and arrested two young men that confessed to committing the crime via the internet. I must say I have been thoroughly impressed by Detective Colon and his professionalism. He went way above and beyond the call of duty for my case. He connected me with Deputy Berman and explained to me how the crime was committed on the internet and how to stop it from happening. I am not one of your citizens, yet he made me feel like I was and you should be very proud to have him on your force.

-- MJ , Resident of Washington

My son who is getting married was having his suit fitted. He had $5,600 in his pocket; it fell out and a lady took it instead of turning it in to the store [where the incident happened]. We called 9-1-1 and Deputy R. Herrera responded. He kept my son, daughter-in-law and myself very calm, obtained information from the store owner about who used the dressing room last and went to look for the woman. In the meantime, [the woman] came back to the store with the money (I guess her conscience was bothering her) and returned it. Your Deputy Herrera was extremely polite to us and very attentive to our problem. This is the kind of officer you should be very proud of. I felt he should have this letter of recommendation put into his permanent file; he is a credit to his uniform and to the community he serves.

-- MR , Hollywood, Florida

Officer Sarswick took me to Atlantic Shores Hospital for help in my addiction to crack cocaine. I was using for 5 years, along with prostitution. I am, with her help and the grace of God, clean [for] 70 days, and working a good program thanks to her. Please forward this to Officer Sarswick with my gratitude.

-- North Miami Beach

I cannot tell you how impressed and proud I was to witness the officers who were on duty on Saturday night (at an area carnival). This may seem minor..., but to those parents and children who spent money on tickets (too much) and then were standing in line for 30 to 45 minutes, it was heartbreaking to see groups of teenagers cutting the lines at the front... I went and told the officers how despondent I had become watching this and they immediately moved in. They removed those who had chosen to cheat the rest of us out of our spot and then positioned themselves at those rides with the longest waiting times. I really didn't think they would take it seriously but they moved in quickly, with great control and then followed up to watch the lines continuously. From all of us standing in line that night, thank you so very much for taking those infractions seriously and responding with authority and ease. You are appreciated, we just don't always let you know. Thank you for working that night, thank you for rising to the occasion and thank you for your efforts. P.S. Put me on the list for your annual contribution campaign. I will give!

-- CC , Sunrise, FL

A friend of mine was arrested; when I called the information desk, Cindy answered. She was beyond professional,understanding and informative! With the concern I am sure was apparent over the telephone, she made an extra effort to help me in anyway she could. She is absolutely phenomenal!!!

-- P , Resident of Illinois

“I wanted to let you know how proud I am of you and your men and women. They have handled this hurricane season and namely Hurricane Wilma wonderfully! After seeing what happened in New Orleans after Katrina ...thank you for making sure the same didn't happen here.“

-- AS , Deerfield Beach

“I live in Arizona and my sister lives in the mobile park in Lauderdale Lakes. After (Hurricane) Wilma created a loss of electricity and phone services, I lost contact with my sister. I was most concerned about her safety. I called and talked to a very nice (deputy) who took her name and address and … informed me that she was ok and in her mobile home. I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate the effectiveness you have shown warning citizens and keeping tabs on their condition after the storm. Thank you so much. You are very much appreciated and are worth your weight in gold.“

-- JO , Tempe, Arizona

“I was arrested for several charges of theft for motorcycles – a feat I am not proud of. I'm still hoping I will not suffer a consequence too severe. I just wanted to state that Detective Vaca did everything perfect and by the book. He is an outstanding detective and BSO employee. I wish I could have met him under other circumstances. I have not yet received my conviction and I may face jail time for my stupid decision making. But I am glad that an upstanding, honest and caring police detective handled my case.“

-- RT , Deerfield Beach

“We were driving around looking for the Thrifty Car Rental Agency (at Port Everglades). We saw a Broward County Sheriff’s car parked and drove over and asked the young woman in the car for directions. She led us to the Car Rental agency and was so very nice. We appreciated her kindness.“

-- JR , visitor from Rochester, New Hampshire

“This may seem trivial, but it was important to me. My sister was (recently) arrested for DUI. I had not spoken to her (and did not know) what to do. I found myself at the Sheriff's North Jail. I asked Deputy Robshaw for help in the middle of his lunch. He did so without hesitation. A day or two later, I was back for her release. Deputy Robshaw again was helpful, gracious and most of all, kind! He made a difficult time easier.“

-- AD , Pompano Beach

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