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We receive many compliments from residents and visitors about the service they receive from BSO deputies, firefighters, paramedics and staff.

Here are a few recent comments:

Our motion detector went off due to a holiday decoration we hung in the direct path of the motion detector. (The alarm company) was not able to reach us, so they called the Sheriff's dept. to respond to the alarm. We appreciate the quick response of Deputies Ciaciarelli and Szwanke and wanted to commend them, as we know there are more important calls for them to make and did not mean for them to have to make this type of call. Thank you both so much for making us feel safer in the community.

-- Tamarac

We had just disembarked from the Queen Mary II and were en route to Los Angeles. We mislaid a bag in the (Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International) airport and Deputy Dave Moore was extremely helpful in getting it back. We had already passed through security and he made enquiry for us and then went back to the check-in area to personally retrieve it for us after it had been handed in. The human face of your law enforcement in these difficult days was much appreciated, and we were able to enjoy the remainder of our holiday in the United States. Thank you.

-- AS , United Kingdom

I went into the Main Jail to post a cash bond. I had never done that before. (Vivian) Swanson very nicely explained to me what the process was and even advised me that bonds can be assigned. She took the time to answer any questions and made a bad experience pleasant. I want to commend her for doing an excellent job.

-- RC , Pompano Beach

While waiting in line at the taxi stand (at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollwood International Airport), I turned around for a moment and one of our bags disappeared. We suspected that the taxi dispatcher put it in someone else's cab, but we weren't sure. My husband contacted (Deputy) Dave Moore and he worked with the taxi dispatch supervisor to research the incident. 45 minutes later we learned that the bag had been put in another taxi. The driver drove back to the airport to return our bag. The whole incident lasted roughly two hours. We were very worried and upset. Dave was helpful, friendly, pleasant, and caring. It was reassuring to know that he was there to assist us. Kudos to Dave for his customer service!

-- LB , Chandler, Arizona

Deputy (Gary) Hauter handled my report of a stolen car with alacrity, efficiency, empathy and assisted me in the prosecution process with full explanations and education. I am impressed with his professionalism. Others who participated rendered undescribable reponse and service. Thank you so much for discernment in hiring and promotions of competent staff. Certainly Dep. Hauter deserves special recognition.

-- CG , Tamarac

Thank you so much for your help resolving my problem with (a local moving company) in Pompano Beach. I ordered delivery to Michigan on July 24 and could not get a definitive answer from this company as to when I could expect delivery. (They) kept telling me it's on the van and on the way four different times. In reality, I got a call on Saturday August 26 that my things had been picked up the day before (Friday, August 26) and to expect delivery on Monday the 28th. They did bring my furnishings in a rent-a-truck but I am still glad to get them. I firmly believe that if (BSO Detective Curtis Knight) hadn't stopped in to talk with (the company), I would still be waiting for delivery. I thank you so much for helping me. Everyone I've told has expressed surprise that you would take the time to aid a senior citizen. Bless you.

-- JM , Pompano Beach

I own and operate (a business) on South State Road 7 in West Park. Last night at about 7.00 p.m., I noticed a stong BSO presence in regards to the impending storm (Tropical Storm Ernesto). I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to all (deputies) involved in the overall operation. Uniform and plain clothes deputies were going in and out of the local business parking lots, and entered my shop and asked us how long were we going to stay open. They informed us that they would be coming by through the night. I want to let them know that their presence is always a great satisfaction to all business owners. Thank you.

-- JF , West Park

Recently, I enrolled in a paramedic program and was required to do 300 hours of ride-along programs with a fire station. The first station I rode with was Station 32. After that first day of riding there, it finally hit me: BSO is where I want to spend my career. All the firefighters at this station where very dedicated in the instruction and direction in all aspects of my experience. The person who stood out the most was FF/paramedic Jason Smith, he went above and beyond. Not because he was required to but because he wanted too. I thank BSO for the opportunity to ride with such a prestigious department, Jason Smith for his endless hours of dedication, and all the guys at Station 32.

-- Broward County

I just wanted the [deputies] to know that I appreciated their time and efforts with investigation of our burglary. They were professional and courteous at a time that we were in a stressful situation. I just wanted to say thank you.

-- Parkland

Sergeant [Gerard] Kelly made special arrangements to permit the distraught mother of an inmate (who travelled a great distance) to visit her son (at the Main Jail). She stated that she was treated with the utmost courtesy. Sergeant Kelly was compassionate and sympathetic to her and her family. I congratulate BSO for hiring Sergeant Kelly and I praise the sergeant for his appreciation of the plight of families who have loved ones who are incarcerated. Such a balance of discipline and compassion warrants praise.

-- JV , Fort Lauderdale

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