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We receive many compliments from residents and visitors about the service they receive from BSO deputies, firefighters, paramedics and staff.

Here are a few recent comments:

It was my very first time coming to the environment of the Broward court system. I was helped by (Deputy) Blakenship. He was so pure with his advice and help and I wanted to acknowledge that. I informed him that I didn't mean to ask so many questions but I just wanted to understand things...I felt that he did it because he REALLY cared about me and my concerns and not simply because of his position/job...I want to thank (Deputy) Blakenship dearly...

-- DE , Fort Lauderdale

My husband and I would like to commend Captain Michael O'Brien of Rescue 37 who responded to our condominium this past Sunday when my husband experienced excrutiating pain and the inability to walk due to a back problem. Captain O'Brien, his crew , and his right hand man, Chris Gillman, showed the utmost professionalism and caring as they put us both at ease and proceeded to prepare Hal for transport... They explained what they were doing and why, asked pertinent questions, and were supremely good-natured, friendly, and comforting. In addition, our small condo has many antiques, and the team used the utmost care when wheeling the equipment to and from the bedroom. Before they transported my husband, they gave me clear instructions on where to park at the ER, what to do upon arrival, and Captain O'Brien personally spoke to me prior to his departure from FMC... We cannot thank Captain O'Brien and his team enough for their expert care and for their highest degree of professionalism...

-- DN , Lauderdale Lakes

Hello! I would like to commend (Deputy) Sheriff Browner for working so hard to keep our complex safe. He left a reminder card on my car telling me that I had packages inside possibly making it tempting to someone to break in. I've forgotten some of the minor things we can do to protect ourselves (and our cars). I have never seen this type of diligence displayed in any area I've lived (Maryland & Florida). It was an ?Ah Oh? moment for me...feeling silly about being careless and then I realized that (Deputy) Browner was working not only when responding to an incident but around the clock. It warmed my heart to know that someone cares that much. Thank you for your caring, your concern and your hard work! Hats off to the BSO.

-- IB , Deerfield Beach

In the early morning hours of Mar. 18, a group of 13 senior citizens was stranded at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. (Deputy Rob Schmidt) stayed with us until he could contact (the cruise line on which we were booked). He persuaded them to find us rooms so that we could get some rest. If not for Deputy Schmidt we would have had to spend the rest of the night in the airport. We want to publicly thank and commend him for all the assistance and kindness he showed to a group of weary travelers; we will never forget his thoughtfulness.

-- G & MB

I was on my way to work when I stopped at Publix to get some lunch not only was I down and depressed but I just wanted to go home on this rainy day. As I was walking in the parking lot I saw Deputy Howard Rudolph and in my mind I said oh gosh, because (law enforcement officers) are always stuck up and unfriendly , but I paid him no mind and kept on walking when out of the blue in a very humble, loud and sincere and pleasant voice, he said to me, ?How are you doing today ma'am? Have a great day!? You know that just made my day! I was shocked, #1 because for one I have never met a cop who did that, #2 he smiled- that made the difference, #3 he made me feel really good and that just made my day! I wish all law enforcement officers had that great attitude, for one it would make the good guys feel as if they can rely on them more, and intimidate the bad ones if they were in the process of doing something that was not correct. He really demonstrated positive attitude by his actions I wish him the very best of luck in his career and for the future and that may God continue to bless him and his family abundantly.

-- PM , Tamarac

This letter is to commend Deputy Teresa Castillo, school resource deputy assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school on her rapid response to a potentially critical situation (an acid bomb incident on March 20, 2007). (Due to) Deputy Castillo’s swift actions on evaluating the situation, securing the crime scene, and ordering the evacuation of students and staff from the scene...she possibly prevented a student or staff that may have been harmed or fatally injured that day... It is my recommendation that Deputy Castillo be commended on her actions and her duties as a law enforcement officer and a member of your department. Deputy Castillo is without a doubt, an asset to this school system, the protection of over 3300 students, and all faculty. She is to be highly recognized for her actions on this particular day and the other duties she carries throughout the school year.

-- RW , Parkland

I could not contact my girlfriend for 2 days. I called there for a welfare check and (Communications Operator) Richard Tingley was VERY helpful and most courteous and understanding. He sure represents your department well and I believe an ?Atta Boy ? is in order, sir. Thank you again and I am ex-police myself and know that things of this can usually become unnoticed in these times of turmoil.

-- RF , Maryland

I am a Stoneman Douglas High School freshman and founder of a community service program called B.I.K.E. (Believe In Kid’s Education). Our program supports HIPPY (an organization for Family Central). The HIPPY program helps underprivileged parents teach their three, four, and five-year-olds at home so that when their children enter kindergarten they are ready to succeed along with parents ready to support them throughout their educational careers. B.I.K.E. is collecting used bikes to present at an upcoming HIPPY picnic whereby the bikes will be presented to the HIPPY students and their parents. (I was) referred to Officer Castillo at Stoneman Douglas. Officer Castillo set up a meeting with me to learn about HIPPY and BIKE. At the meeting, she listened attentively to my presentation on BIKE as well as reviewed the material that I provided her. Although, I am “only” a high school student, Officer Castillo treated me professionally and with dignity and respect. Furthermore, she indicated that she would follow-up with arranging for bikes to be donated to HIPPY. Not more than a day later, Officer Castillo arranged for 25 bikes to be donated. If all that was not enough, Officer Castillo loaded 25 bikes on a truck and delivered the bikes herself to my house for future pick up. Officer Castillo is the epitome of a service professional...

-- SE , Parkland

I have been a police officer for 14 years...I have had a very successful career but, in the last four years, my performance level was going downhill because of a substance abuse problem. (In 2006), I enrolled in the Public Safety Substance Abuse Lake Worth. During my treatment, I was honored to have BSO Deputy Carlos Farina as one of my group therapists. Deputy Farina worked closely with the public safety group...Deputy Farina’s personal approach and vision enlightened us all. (He) helped save me from truly giving up on life... Deputy Farina is a large asset to your department as well as law enforcement professionals around the world.

-- Massachusetts

I would like to thank Lt. David Holmes for listening at the homeowners meeting on Jan 25, 2007 re: the problem with kids throwing rocks at our house, camper and my family. We have been called every name in the book because we tell them to stop doing whatever they are doing. They even hurt and sometimes kill our native wildlife and/or the non-native iguanas... I want to thank the lieutenant for his consideration on all issues discussed - we appreciate your stopping by to give us an update on the situation. Actions speak louder than words. Thank you for taking us seriously.

-- PB , City of Lauderdale Lakes

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