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Arrest No. Name Sex Location
571300942  BRACKINS, SHAMEKIA   Paul Rein Detention Facility
131401740  BRACTLEY, TRENTEN DEVON  Joseph V. Conte Facility
591400372  BRADDY, JONATHAN GEORGE  Joseph V. Conte Facility
131400550  BRADDY, LATROY   North Broward Bureau
521400170  BRADDY, WILLIAM ROSS  Joseph V. Conte Facility
801400945  BRADLEY, ANTHONY   Joseph V. Conte Facility
131401134  BRADLEY, TERRY   Joseph V. Conte Facility
381401745  BRADY, HEATHER MARY  North Broward Bureau
501405429  BRAGG, GEORGE   North Broward Bureau
131401591  BRAHAM, RAMONE B  North Broward Bureau
501404206  BRAME, DARRIN RAMON  Joseph V. Conte Facility
561400508  BRANCH, TOBIAS   Joseph V. Conte Facility
121400172  BRAND, JOHNNY DRONELL  Joseph V. Conte Facility
381401234  BRANDALL, RUSSELL   North Broward Bureau
501305490  BRANDRETH, PAUL   Main Jail
571405397  BRANTLEY, BRITTANY   Paul Rein Detention Facility
561400293  BRANTLEY, KATARUIS ELIJUIS  North Broward Bureau
501306850  BRANTLEY, NICHOLAS   North Broward Bureau
551400263  BRASHER, DAVID LAKIN  Paul Rein Detention Facility
121401145  BRAVO, FERNANDO M  Paul Rein Detention Facility
571403273  BRAY, ANTONIO   Joseph V. Conte Facility
571400900  BRAY, KEITH   Joseph V. Conte Facility
121400088  BRAYBOY, EARL LEON  North Broward Bureau
381401709  BRAYBOY, TRAVIS D  Paul Rein Detention Facility
551400621  BRAZEAL, RICKY LEROY  Main Jail

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