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Arrest No. Name Sex Location
571601681  ACKERMAN, DAVID WAYNE  Joseph V. Conte Facility
251500856  ALDRIGE, DAVID MARK  Joseph V. Conte Facility
581400738  BERINGER, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility
231601121  BERRING, DAVID LOUIS  North Broward Bureau
261500187  BRYANT, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility
571601007  BUTLER, DAVID LAMAR  Joseph V. Conte Facility
501601060  CABRAL, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility
251501122  CABRERA, DAVID JR  Paul Rein Detention Facility
131501627  CARLSON, DAVID ROCKWELL  Joseph V. Conte Facility
501601506  CULVER, DAVID   Main Jail
111600198  DAVIS, DAVID T  Joseph V. Conte Facility
501501406  EATON, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility
161200307  FLETCHER, DAVID JAMES  Main Jail
381600840  FRANCO, DAVID MARCIEL  North Broward Bureau
131002559  GUFFEY, DAVID LEE  Main Jail
571504092  HANNA, DAVID LASH  North Broward Bureau
521600036  HEATON, DAVID   North Broward Bureau
131600063  HODGES, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility
131601021  JIMENEZ, DAVID   Paul Rein Detention Facility
111500597  JOHNSON, DAVID ANTHONY  Paul Rein Detention Facility
501602160  KENNEDY, DAVID   North Broward Bureau
121600233  LEAK, DAVID   Joseph V. Conte Facility

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