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Deputy Brian Tephford was killed on November 12, 2006 during a traffic stop in the City of Tamarac. These condolences are a tribute to his memory.

God Bless you and your family for all you have done to keep the people of your county safe. I hope God grants you peace, and comforts your family through their hard times.

Chanell Austin (Pembroke Pines)
December 05, 2006
9:29 PM

i just wanta tell the family their prayers and thoughts are with us and that i hope whoever did this gets revenge.brian was a hero he went out everyday to protect us.brian rest in peace you are our hero.

Patricia Grant (Brookfield)
December 05, 2006
7:39 PM

I am not sure what to say or where to begin. You were such a big part of my life. You were the brother I never had. We shared so many good times and some not so good times but in the end we were always there for each other, as a family should be. I will never forget the message you left me the day of my wedding. You said I was like a sister to you and you loved me very much. You wished me and Russ all the happiness in the world. I am grateful you left that message because for some reason every time I think about you I think of what you said. The message below I wrote for you.

If I could find my way to heaven I would bring you back today. Not only for me, my sister, my family but for your children, my nieces and nephew. You were taken from us with no warning, no time to say goodbye. Our heart still aches with sadness and secret tears still flow. What you meant to me, my sister, my family and your children no one will ever truly know.

But I know you would be unhappy if we continued to mourn for you
You would want us to remember the happy times we shared. Since you’ll never be forgotten I will promise to you today you will always be in my heart and your children will grow up knowing their father died a hero.

jaime, your sister in law (Davie)
December 05, 2006
2:15 PM

i am 9 years old i have to say im very sad for the deputy that died. and his family will miss him very much. i say who ever done this has no heart for anyone i hope the person who done this stays in jail forever

evelyn (wilton manors)
December 01, 2006
8:26 PM

My heart goes out to this officers family. It is sad that we live in a day where every call an officer goes to they have to worry about the safety of their lives no matter the level of the call. My heart is with you officers as you give your time and lives to bring us safety, I only wish I could stand by your sides and help protect our city and fellow officers as well.

Joss (Broward, FL)
December 01, 2006
8:09 PM

Deputy Tephford made the ultimate sacrifice while performing his duties. God bless him, his family, and all the other officers in BSO.

Paul G. Peterson (Newark, Delaware)
December 01, 2006
11:57 AM

My deepest sympathy &Condolences to the Family and Law Enforcement Brothers & Sisters of Deputy Brian Tephford.

Robert J Miles Sr (Kenner, Louisiana Community Police Corps)
December 01, 2006
1:01 AM

Deputy Brian Tephford was a good friend, co-worker and brother. He always had a smile on his face. Brian and I were always on each others backs when it came to jokes whether we were having lunch together or in roll call. In the end, we always made amends because that's what family does. I had the honor of being Brian’s second family and that I am truly proud of. May GOD bless Brians family and the rest of by brothers and sisters in Tamarac.


Ilianne Saintfalin (Tamarac/DLE Charlie Shift)
November 29, 2006
5:21 PM

In a perfect world we all would appreciate those who would risk their lives to save ours. Why would someone hurt a person who dedicates and risks his life to protect ours. Under different circumstances this officer would risk his own life to save the person who took his. What saddens me the most are the three children that expected to see daddy when they opened their eyes the next morning....God Speed to his loved ones, for Officer Tephford is now safe in our hearts.
A saddened citizen

AM (Sunrise)
November 28, 2006
10:20 PM

I did not know Deputy Tephford personally, but I work here at BSO and I attended his memorial service. I went to honor him and his family. I want to thank God for him and the supreme sacrifice that he and his family has made to protect all of us. I will remember his children and ex-wife in my prayers, that God, who is the only one who can bring true comfort will send each one of them, guidance, comfort and strength to follow Him throughout their life time. Thank you Tephford family and please know even when you don't feel it, God loves you and is watching over you and His children are praying for you and are there to help you.

Rosanne Allinson (Coral Springs, Florida)
November 28, 2006
11:13 AM

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Deputy Brian Tephford

Deputy Brian Tephford