Claiming Your Property

Property that is classified on your property receipt as "Found" or "Safekeeping" (with the exception of firearms) may be claimed at the Evidence Unit during normal business hours. No appointment is necessary. Evidence property is governed by special conditions.

Found Property

If you're listed as the owner on the property receipt, present the receipt with the case number on it and a valid photo ID. If you are not listed as the owner, you must present proof of ownership, (for example, a bill of sale from the store where you purchased the item or a notarized bill of sale if the item was purchased from a private individual).

Found Property that you've turned in

With the exception of firearms and contraband, found property must be held by the Evidence Unit for 90 days. If you wish to claim the property after that time (presuming the true owner has not already claimed it), follow these steps:

  • By mail or in person, send the claim form (A-24) that was given to you by the deputy to whom you presented the property to the address listed below. This must be done within five (5) days of the date on the receipt.
  • At that time, you must also pay a $25 claim fee that covers the cost of storing the property. The fee must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order made payable to the Broward Sheriff's Office. No other form of payment is acceptable. The claim fee does not apply if the found item is a bicycle.
  • If the true owner does not claim the property within 90 days, you may claim the item at the Evidence Unit. If the true owner does claim the item, within 90 days, your $25 claim fee will be refunded.

Safekeeping Property (excluding firearms)

Safekeeping property requires an authorization from either the arresting deputy, case detective or a court order for release. Please contact the Evidence Unit to make sure authorization has been received prior to arrival. A valid photo ID will be required when you pick up the property. It is the policy of the BSO that Safekeeping property is held for 60 days and must be picked up within this time. Otherwise, it will be disposed of.

Evidence Property

Per Florida statute 925.11 and 925.12, if the suspect in a felony case is found guilty by jury or if they pled in court, the property must be held until the sentence has been fully served, regardless of who owns the property. If the suspect was "Acquitted" of all charges, the property can be released with written authorization from the detective or deputy responsible for the case. A certified copy of a court order can also release the property at any time.

For information on the release of firearms, click here.

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