Captain's Newsletters

October 2004

We in Broward County were fortunate not to be overly affected by Hurricane Jeanne last month. But unfortunately, communities north of us received terrible damage and loss as the result of the hurricane’s devastating wind and rain. Immediately after the hurricane, Sheriff Ken Jenne dispatched the Broward Sheriff’s Office Field Force units to St. Lucie County to assist with providing law enforcement to the communities that were hardest hit.

The Broward Sheriff's Office supplied 80 deputies, two mobile command centers, a generator, food, supplies, and equipment necessary to provide emergency law enforcement services. Port Everglades Sergeant Michael Kallman participated in leading deputies with search and rescue efforts, anti-looting patrol, damage assessment, and traffic control to the devastated areas.

Congratulations to BSO’s Port Everglades Employee of the Month, Detective Paul D. Schad. During a burglary investigation Detective Schad was not only able to recover some of the stolen money, but he also initiated a separate investigation after discovering that the same business was being embezzled by an employee. Detective Schad was able to develop several leads that ultimately resulted in the arrest of the subjects in both cases.

Sergeant Mike Carabine nominated Detective Schad based on his exceptional investigative skills and his ability to bring both cases to a successful conclusion with few leads to follow.

Thanks for your support, and be safe!

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