Fire Rescue Cadet Duties

Fire Cadets will be required to attand a regular meeting (on occasional weekends), BSO Fire Rescue Cadets participate in a variety of educational, service and personal development projects.

Public Safety

Upon successful completion of a three-month probationary period and medical training consisting of medical classes, bloodborne pathogens and HIPPA, cadets may respond on fire rescue apparatus to actual emergencies with trained professional firefighters and paramedics.

Community Involvement and Service

Cadets provide citizenship to their communities by developing and participating in organized community service campaigns; many of these activities fulfill Broward County School Board community service hours requirements. Fire Cadets will be required to attend a minimum of one (1) community service event per month.

Fire Prevention

Cadets accompany fire prevention bureau personnel on safety inspections and community education projects to increase awareness of fire prevention.

Goal Setting

Cadets are encouraged and supported in the pursuit of educational excellence and must meet strict minimum educational requirements set forth by program guidelines.

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