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BSO's Purchasing Bureau administers the procurement, distribution and support of the agency's facilities and equipment through its four divisions:

Administration Division

Handles major contract procurement and administration of BSO's automated and non-automated procurement functions. Administration also oversees the development and co-ordination of the small business contracting opportunities and works in conjunction with various community resources to promote local business development.

Central Supply Division

Distributes office supplies, business forms, uniforms and related equipment throughout the agency and operates the mailroom, courier services, tangible asset management programs and disposal of surplus items. Central Supply also conducts annual inventories at more than 120 locations throughout the organization.

Purchasing Division:

Responsible for annually procuring more than $160 million in equipment, supplies and services for BSO. The Purchasing Division's procedures foster open competition between vendors and service providers, resulting in quality products delivered in a timely manner at competitive prices.

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